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The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out.” 

Albert Hadley, a preeminent American interior designer (1920-2012)

Shall we get trendy in 2021?

Well Albert did have a point and I can honestly say I do not follow trends when it comes to my own home. My home is about what I love (oh, and what hubby loves to a certain extent) and how I want to live.

Interior design and decorating will always be about you. It should support how you live, work and should support your needs. Interior design, for me, creates an environment people feel good about day after day and provides comfort and functionality. It is an environment that supports your lifestyle.

I do find the yearly trends interesting but tend to disregard them if they are not practical and functional. That being said, I came across some ‘trends’ that spoke to me and I think I can incorporate some of these ideas into my own home to enhance my comfort and love for my home.

House Plants

Ok big surprise here! I’ve talked about greenery before, but some people think it is a new “thing” to bring house plants into design. It’s been around for eons!  In fact, in the early 90’s my home looked like a jungle I had so many plants!  

Since I moved to Huron County (Ontario’s West Coast!), I have been bringing plants home from Westland Greenhouses in Grand Bend. From a fig tree to a teeny button fern, my plants have added warmth to my home. I’ll keep adding to my collection until my husband complains…and then I’ll sneak in a few more.

Zen Vibes

Bringing a bit of zen into your home is not a bad thing. Only benefits come from a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Water fountains and rock gardens are becoming more and more popular in backyards.

If you wanted to bring it indoors, succulent gardens are sweet (Westland Greenhouses has a lot to choose from) and there are a lot of affordable small water features you can add to your décor. You may not want your water fountain to run all the time or else you might be running to the bathroom more often. But it would add to your meditation, your snug corner (see below), or at the end of your day as you wind down.

Feng Shui

Harmony, balance and flow is at the heart of feng shui

For those not in the know, feng shui is an ancient Chinese system that focuses on spatial relationships within the home that promote harmony. It is said that incorporating feng shui principles into your home will aid the flow of energy in positive directions that will improve your finances, mood and generally your entire life.  

So if shifting some furniture will boost your happiness, why not go for it? In fact, bringing plants into your home is a key principle of feng shui.

Eco Chic

I love this term – eco chic – don’t you? If you are committed to using sustainable materials and adore the environment/nature, you are Eco Chic.

So what exactly does eco chic mean for design? Mimicking nature with earthy warm tones like creamy beige, moss green, rustic orange; tactile fabrics that bring comfort such as velvet (from natural fibres of course!), boucle, linen and silk; craft like textures mimicking nature; understated furniture designed for durability and multifunctional use.

Credit: Unknown

Everything eco chic is focused on feeling ‘grounded, calm and connected to nature expressed through natural design elements.

I could go for this trend.

Granny Chic

Did your grandma have a chandelier like this?

If floral wallpaper is coming to the forefront once again, I’m in! And this is only one aspect of Granny Chic that is growing in popularity. Think of homey design elements that bring comfort, create nostalgia and are stoked in tradition. Seems to be a common element in 2021 trends, eh?

Antiques, delicate china, crocheted throws, chandeliers, retro furniture, old paintings – everything your dear ole granny had in her home – are awaiting your design hand. Hence, why it is called Granny Chic.

So if you can’t pilfer your eccentric nana’s home, head off to flea markets, vintage stores, second hand stores, and antique furniture stores to find your treasures.

The Snug Corner

I have a snug corner in my living room where I sit every morning to drink my coffee and get ready for the day (or procrastinate by having a second coffee).

I believe having a special snuggly place is a must have for everyone. A comfy chair, with a pretty pillow and fuzzy throw along with a little side table is all you need. Throw in a plant and a water feature and you’ve got yourself a ‘snug corner’. Very nice.

chair and cabinet
The Snug Corner

A Final Word….

I see a common theme with these trends, don’t you?

The need to feel grounded, calm and connected to nature arose out of what everyone has been experiencing this past year.

The pandemic has caused a mass reflection on what is important, a need to tame anxiety and fear like we never have experienced before, a focus on home/family as a sanctuary, and a reconnection with nature and spirituality.

Until next time, stay safe my friends.



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