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Au Naturel…as in Natural Light

Au Naturel…as in natural light. Most people do not think about how they can use natural light to their advantage, even if you do not get direct sun during the day. 

You all know how important lighting is in your home, yes? Because you all have lamps, track lights, maybe a sconce or two, even bookcase lighting, and hopefully a splendid pendant hanging in the middle of the room. You are all set for the night. But what about during the day? The room feels dark, not so comfortable…and the artificial light just doesn’t do it.  What gives?

Natural light is just as important as all those fabulous luminaires (I used a fancy design word there). And knowing which direction your natural light is coming from is kinda essential. Ok, it is essential. Why? Because it will guide you in choosing colours, materials, and accessories. Have a peek below for some general guidelines…

Your window faces north

Situation: You do not get direct sunlight; the light has a cold grey cast.

Solution: Choose warm paint colours (yellow, orange or red undertones) to balance out the cold light. Choose shiny materials (lacquered coffee table, shiny floors) so light will reflect. Add a mirror opposite the window to further bounce light around the room.

Your window faces south

Situation: You get direct sunlight; the light is warm.

Solution: Choose cool paint colours (blue, green, purple hues) to balance out the intense warm light. Dull or matt materials are best for this room as they will absorb light – carpet, matt flooring, wood grain coffee table and even a rug would do nicely.

Your room faces east or west

Situation: Light varies throughout the day. 

Solution: You have a choice to make because you need to tailor your décor to the light you will experience most while in the room. Light in west-facing spaces is cooler in the morning (use north guidelines) then filled with bright light in the afternoon (use south guidelines). East-facing rooms are bright in the morning (use south guidelines), and cooler in the afternoon (use north guidelines). So if you love a bright kitchen in the morning, but the window faces west, follow the north guidelines – go with reflective materials and warm paint colours.

I hope I shed some light on this subject. If you need help just call me or join Design + Decor, my design community group, and post your question.



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