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Colour Strategist Wheel

Hey all…

Many clients call me for help in selecting paint colour or creating a colour palette for their home. What they don’t expect is what else they can get. Colour consultations are about more than just paint colour. Don’t believe me? Read on, my friends….

Let me tell you a story…

A client called me to book a colour consultation for her main floor – she needed a paint colour. When I arrived, I saw flooring and carpet samples as well as tile. I enquired about them and learned my client was replacing the flooring throughout the home and painting the kitchen cupboards and walls. I stood there as she vented her frustration in choosing what ”goes together” and she thought a paint colour would help! I told her I could help her with the whole shebang during our consultation. What ensued was a surprise to the client!

What happened next…

I determined that the kitchen counter top was the only piece in the room that was not changing. So I used that as a base for the colour analysis. I took a colour reading* of the counter and determined it was from the Yellow-Red hue family. I then took colour readings from the flooring and carpet samples she had on hand. I chose the ones that also came from the Yellow-Red hue family and removed the rest from the selection. Together we chose the flooring sample she loved the most. Then I showed her how the carpet samples worked with the floor and she chose one based on her preference. We did the same with the tile for the backsplash in her kitchen.

colour strategist colour wheel
Image Courtesy of Camp Chroma

And now for the paint colour…

The last choice was the paint colour. Because paint colour is the LAST choice you make while redecorating. I selected white colours from both the Yellow-Red hue family as well as the Blue hue family (because yellow and blue are complementary colours and this can create a different look). Both colours looked great with the floor and carpet samples we selected and it just came down to her preference. We ended up using one colour on the main floor and the other colour in her recreation room down stairs.

We stepped back and looked at it. She was amazed at how it all went together. It was so easy for me to do and she was tickled pink! I can’t tell you how happy I was to be able to help my client and eliminate her frustration! You can view the project images for this Home Refresh in my portfolio.

What my client learned…

So the moral of this story (if there is one) is colour consultations can not only help you with choosing a paint colour but also:

  • Flooring: carpet, wood, vinyl, tile, etc
  • Accessories: rugs, throw pillows, bedding, curtains/drapery, art.
  • Bedding: duvets, bedspreads, accent pillows, sheets.
  • Furniture: fabric colour or wood stain
  • Kitchens/Bathrooms: counter top, backsplash, cabinetry, fixtures
  • Fabric: matching different fabrics or matching a paint colour to a fabric.

…and oh so much more!! Learn more about my Design + Decor Consultation.



P.S. If you need help just contact Roxanne or book a Discovery Call. I am after all a Certified Colour Strategist! 

*Using the knowledge I gained from my Colour Strategist certification, I am able to “read” colour using a special tool. The technical data gained from the reading reveals a lot of information about the colour. I am able to interpret the data to determine hue family, value, chroma, and light reflectance value. Technical, but I love it. And it works!

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