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Hey all…

I love colour! I love a simple pop of colour in a neutral room. I adore the fully layered approach that Trisha Guild is famous for! I’m just waiting for the right client to come along who is a fan of Ms. Guild! 

Trisha Guild design

Do you want a room that looks like this?

Image in header and above courtesy of Designers Guild.

Let’s Talk Colour

I believe colour preference is personal, intimate and reflective of who you are. I believe there are people who are quite happy with neutrals and very little colour in their homes. Totally fine. It brings peace and serenity to their life. And then there are those who can not live without colour….it makes them feel alive (this is my Trisha Guild client calling out to me!). Regardless of which type you are, as a designer my job is to bring the right colours into your life. 

Colour of the Year

Which is why the ‘Colour of the Year’ announcements drive me nuts! There is a huge buzz in the design world when these colours are announced. It goes something like this….”Don’t you absolutely love it? OMG! I am so excited for this year’s colour! You don’t like it? But why not?” or “I absolutely hate it and I believe they got the colour wrong.” And it goes on and on and on…to the point of exhaustion. Tons of blogs will be written on how you can incorporate the “Colour of the Year” into your home. And do you know how many colours will be announced?? Well every darn paint company will have a different colour they think is ‘it’. 

To me, it’s just ‘meh’. When it comes to my clients, who cares what the colour of the year is?! I would never push a ‘Colour of the Year’ on one of my clients as ‘an absolute must have” because Mr. Ben Moore says it’s ‘in’. I, in all honesty, think it is a pile of BS. Betcha you won’t find another designer who will say that! Or maybe is brave enough to say it in writing. The fact of the matter is that these ‘Colour of the Year’ colours exist and are promoted ad nauseam as the colour to have in your home. 

For interest sake, below are several announcements by paint companies featuring their “Colour of the Year’ for 2020. (recall above how I said there will be many? These are just a couple…)

colour of the year

First Light (2102-70)

Benjamin Moore made a huge production of announcing their Colour of the Year. A refreshing wash of pink blooming with potential. I would use this in a baby's room and no where else...really! Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

colour of the year

Back to Nature (S340-4)

Behr indicates this colour is a restorative and revitalizing green hue that engages the senses. I like this colour for a door or decor accents. Image courtesy of Behr

colour of the year

Naval (SW6244)

According to Sherwin-Williams, this navy blue creates a calm and grounding environment infused with quiet confidence. I've always had a soft spot for blue....any colour blue. Cerulean, anyone?
Image courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.

colour of the year

Honey I'm Home (SC193-3)

Beauti-Tone believes this color points to a larger cultural attitude shift within the country. You are gonna have to research this one on your own! And for the record, I do not like this colour! But that is irrelevant if the client loves it, right? Right.
Image courestry of Beauty-Tone.

colour of the year

Chinese Porcelain (PPG1160-6)

PPG believes their colour imparts calmness and restful sleep while also offering the spirit of hopefulness.
Image courtesy of PPG.

So why do the paint companies make a huge fuss about their colour choice for the year? It’s all about marketing. It really has nothing to do with the colour. Yes, they will tell you why they choose it given the current political, social and economic climate. They will tell you about the art, fashion, culture, and environmental factors that influenced their choice. But does it mean anything? Does it mean anything to me and how I design for clients? I’m gonna say no. Actually a BIG FAT NO. Why? Because colour is personal.

Just call me the Queen of Colour. I am, after all, a Certified Colour Strategist.



P.S. If you need help just contact RoxanneDid I mention I am a Certified Colour Strategist! Yes, I believe I did.

P.P.S. A BIG shout-out to Glidden Paint for breaking up with the Colour of the Year selections. Read about it here.

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