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Hey all…

The results are in from the Design Survey I conducted before the holiday season. I featured 7 different polls over the span of a week. Many of you participated in ALL of them! So kudos to you! And THANK YOU! It was fun, wasn’t it?!

Now onto the results….drum roll please….

Drapes or Blinds?

drapery and blinds

Looks like drapery won out with 70% of you in favour. The main reason given is because it makes a room warm and cosy. And I have to agree there. They can also add a punch of colour (as can blinds, but to a lesser extent). I remember when I hung drapes in our bedroom…hubby came in and said “wow, that really makes a difference doesn’t it?”. Yep, it sure does!

Bookcases or Built-ins?

Who loves a good built-in? You do, that’s who! I love them too. They tend to clean up a room and add some visual interest. Free standing bookcases have their advantages tho….they are cheaper, can be moved from place to place, can be switched out at very little cost. Which is probably why I had so many when I was in school (the cheapo aspect!). 

Barn Door or Pocket Door?

barn door and pocket door

This one made me question whether trends influenced the results here. Barn doors are all the rage now and I think that is fine. But I will always defer to the fad-resistant pocket door. They are timeless, clean, and space saving. That being said, 65% of you prefer the barn door because they create a rustic feel.

Sofa or Sectional?

This result did not surprise me. Apparently you all love sectionals because you can stretch out on it better than you can on a sofa. I totally agree! I love a good sectional that is deep, puffy and has lots of pillows. Sofas are great for smaller spaces or more formal spaces. But if you can fit a sectional in your space, then go for it! 

Paint or Wallpaper?

WOWZA! Does anyone like wallpaper? Anyone? Anyone? Sheesh…I guess paint it is. But I gotta say, if I had my way I’d put up floral wallpaper in every room. This mural has always caught my eye! I’d do a few accent walls….but the bathrooms, definitely the bathrooms would be fully papered. No reasons were given as to why paint was 100% favoured….but I can guess it is probably due to the face that hanging wallpaper can suck. I get it. It still bothers me that no-one choose wallpaper…..huh. 

Tile or LVP?

luxury vinyl plank

This poll was focused on kitchen flooring preferences – tile or luxury vinyl plank. And LVP won out because it is warmer. I am all for that! I hate it when my feet are cold! And if you live in an open concept home, then using the same flooring in the kitchen and living area makes the area feel more spacious. Tile is a very traditional material for the kitchen and with the fabulous designs on the market right now, you can certainly make an impact! And hey, anyone hear of in-floor heating? Yah baby, yah!

Upholstered or Not Upholstered?

upholstered kitchen chairs

I did expect that people would prefer upholstered chairs in their kitchen/dining areas. Who in their right mind wants to sit on a hard surface? Right? Well, 11% of you, that’s who!  

A final woe is me….

I have to say that some of these results were surprising! The wallpaper one will especially haunt me….for a loooooong time! I think I am going to write my next blog on wallpaper and really sell it as an option for all you paint lovers!!

If you want to learn more about how I can help you get ‘this or that’, visit my Services. And then call me. Yes, call me!! 



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