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One of my recent blogs focused on the Functional Plan. This is just one part of my Renovation Design Plan service I offer full-service clients.

The Functional Plan is focused on the floor plan with an emphasis on your needs and desires. The great aspect of having this plan comes into play when you start interviewing contractors. If all the contractors are bidding on the same plan, you will get comparable estimates. This can’t happen if you don’t have a Functional Plan.

The Design Plan is just as important because it lays out all the design elements for your renovation and refers back to the functional plan in several ways. Let me give you a few examples.

Say you choose a great light fixture for your kitchen and another one for your dining room. They are similar in style but different sizes. The Design Plan references the lighting locations in your Functional Plan and indicates which light fixture goes in which room. This way there are no mix ups when they are being installed…which does happen a lot if the right documentation is not on site to reference.

Another example is flooring. You choose a decorative tile for your entrance area and have delineated a space on your Functional Plan with the dimensions it covers. This gives the installer direction in laying the tile. The Design Plan would specify the tile that has been chosen for the entrance. The installer now knows which tile he needs to use.

Do you see how the two plans go hand in hand?  You can’t have a Functional Plan without a corresponding Design Plan. They provide your contractor and trades with a map to follow that ensures your renovation is done according to your plan. Make sense?

So, what is included in a Design Plan?


Every. Single. Design. Element.


From the floor to the ceiling, it’s all in there with the details of each and every piece. It is a comprehensive suite of documents (called schedules, in the design world) that list the details of lighting, flooring, tile, cabinetry, hardware, fixtures, crown mouldings, countertop, built-in finishes and even the colour palette and paint choices.

design board euro ensuite fixtures
All the design elements
design board fittings
Every. Single. Element.

This is something I do for all my clients. Once all the design elements have been approved, they receive these schedules as part of the Renovation Design Plan. Check out the Renovation Design Plan for a kitchen I recently completed. You can also take a peek at the finished product here.

A Final Word

Do you want to know more about my Renovation Design Plan service? Set up a 20 minute discovery call with me or contact me directly at 519-484-8965.

Until next time, stay safe my friends…


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