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Client: I almost didn’t call you because your style is just not what I want in my home.

Me: What do you mean exactly?

Client: Well, I saw your portfolio and your style is floral and coastal.

Me:  Are you referring to the bedrooms?

Client: Yes

Me: Well, I designed those rooms for me…it’s my home.

So many people go instantly to a designer’s portfolio to see what “style” they design in. Well known designers –  think Joanna Gaines, Sarah Richardson, Emily Henderson – have a style and people buy services from them because they want that style. And that’s ok.

But for me, this is not how I work. For one, I am not famous nor do I want to be. And two, I don’t have style.

‘What do you mean by that, Roxanne?’, you may be asking as you read this.

If I design a space for you, I design for you. It is your style. Not mine. I do not impose any style upon you, least of all my own. My job is to discover your design preferences even if there isn’t a cool name associated with it.

Listen, it’s your home, not mine. I’m not going to live there no matter how much you come to like me. You and your family live there. The design I create for you is based on your needs, your desires, and your design preference. If you don’t know your design style, I can help you find it.

But there is no way I am going to design your home like mine. Unless that is what you want. But I expect it is not.  

Your home is personal to you.

Do not judge a designer based on their design style. Each of those projects were designed for someone with needs, desires and a personal style. You have no knowledge of how that design evolved over time. But rest assured, if the designer did his/her job well, the design is perfect for the person it was designed for.

Let’s Take a Design Style Quiz!


Since we are talking about style, what is your design style? I did a bunch of ‘style’ quizzes to determine if they did indeed identify my style (which I call Coastal Cottage Chic because I want my style to sound cool). 

Here are my results and links to the quizzes so you can do them too. 

What fun, eh? Ok, here we go…just click the name to go to the quiz.

This is an interesting quiz. You just need to pick the photo that you like best. And I gotta say, it was pretty darn close to identifying my chosen style.

My Result 


Preferring cozy over cutting edge, your laid-back style features pieces with character and a timeworn patina. Toast your rustic-meets-refined good taste! 

With this quiz being only 5 questions, I’m not sure how valid the results are. A few things they identified that I do like is the casual vibe and textures.

My Result


You like both the elegant formality of traditional style and the more casual vibe of contemporary design. You prefer simple curves and straight lines. You like a variety of textures in a largely neutral color palette.

This quiz is very interesting in the way it is structured. I think my results were pretty accurate…add the coastal theme to this and it hits the nail on the head!

My Result

Refined Rustic

Vintage spaces with a rustic feel are your cup of tea, and you’re mad for pulling in elements from many different styles and time periods. Your favorite places to shop are flea markets and antique stores, and you have that special gift for turning a street find into an amazing one-of-a-kind piece.

If a design quiz could more accurately hit the nail on the center of its tiny head, then the DSA wins hands down! 

I really like this quiz.

My Result

Coastal Chic

Your style is happy, relaxed and chic, there is plenty of style that goes along with this comfort . This is no beach shack! Your home screams “5 Star Get-A-Way” with style!

Yep, on question. It was pretty accurate….well kinda.

Check it out.

My Result

Contemporary Cottage

You keep things casual, but don’t want to completely sacrifice style in the process.

A Final Word….

It is so much fun to do design quizzes. But don’t get too wrapped up in what they say. 

Essentially, your design style is really your ‘taste’.

And taste is YOUR judgment about what is beautiful, desirable and proper in YOUR world.

And just like Albert said…

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” Albert Hadley  

Until next time, stay safe my friends.



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