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To drape or not to drape? That is a very good question! The answer is drape. Yep, put those drapes up; hang ‘em high, hang ‘em proud.

I truly believe drapery has gotten a bad rap since all those fancy blinds appeared on the market and everyone was like “keep it simple”. But then rooms looked bare, lacked character and even appeared cold. Drapery makes a room come alive, creates warmth, and adds to the beauty of a room. As we say in the industry, if your windows aren’t dressed, your room is just not finished.

Here are some tips when it comes to drapery…


Custom drapes are always made to look full and generous. You can’t go wrong with custom drapes. But if you buy off-the-rack, you should buy 2-3 panels for each side of the window, depending on how much space you have. One panel will not do and looks skimpy and cheap. So invest in 2 at least!


There are way too many pleats to choose from but choosing the wrong one for the style of your room could spell disaster. For example, a ruched cuff pleat would look pretty in a shabby chic style room, but not a formal dining room. So research your pleats before you buy!


Always choose the type of drape wisely. Types range from sheers to blackout curtains. If you want privacy, but let the sunshine filter through, sheers are the way to go. Blackout curtains are best in bedrooms, especially a baby’s room.


Always hang the drapes on the wall above the window and close to the ceiling. And always let them fall to the floor, despite how high the window is from the floor. Half curtains looked great in the 70’s but today, they look like the window isn’t finished. Unless you are hanging curtains above a built-in bench, half curtains are a no-no.


Always hang the drapes outside the window casing; it makes the window look bigger. Just be sure to overlap the drape with the side casing about an inch or two.

So let’s get draping!! As always, if you need help drop me a message or join Design + Decor, my community group on Facebook, and post your question.



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