getting started with the renovation planner

I’m so excited that you decided to take advantage of my The Definitive Guide to Renovations In the final pages of this guide you will find the Renovation Planner.

Let’s get you set up with your Renovation Planner. I’ve suggested a few items for you to purchase (nothing expensive!) and provided links for your reference.

Steps to take:

  1. Print the planner and the snazzy cover page I spent so much time designing! I prefer to print it in colour.
  2. Choose a binder and a 3-hole punch.
  3. Insert the cover page into the front slot of the binder.
  4. Insert the pages into the binder. The inside pages are designed to allow space for three holes on the left.
  5. Purchase tabbed dividers that you can insert before each section page. Be sure to label your dividers so things are easily found.
  6. Get a few slide-lock binder pouches as they are great for storing receipts, paint chips, small samples, pens, etc.
  7. If you are not keen on filling out the Project Contacts pages, you can simple buy some business card pages for binders.

You are now all set up and organized to begin your renovation!

Be sure to keep a digital copy of My Renovation Planner so you can print extra note pages, meeting pages and other forms.

Oh I almost forgot, I have a Facebook group – Design Dialogue – where you can ask questions about your renovation, post feedback, watch videos, and more! Also be sure to Follow me too because I do live shows every week!

So there you have it! Get renovating!! And good luck!

Until next time, my friend stay safe,