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Kitchens may be the soul of your home but it is also a pain in the ass to renovate! But what is even more of a pain is the cost of kitchen renovations.

Here’s a story about a kitchen renovation.

A couple wants to renovate their kitchen and visits 3 showrooms. They talk to each sales rep about what they want, create a preliminary layout based on measurements they brought along, and even pick out cabinet faces. It is an exhausting day. A week or so later, they get the quotes back. One is $35,000, the second on is $68,000 and the third is $42,000. WTF? I know!! What has happened is each kitchen showroom has chosen the type of cabinetry and shelving, hardware, cabinet inserts and molding details…and they are all different. These choices make a huge difference in cost. So what are you to do?

The easy answer to managing the estimates of kitchen renovation?

Hire me! Seriously. What you need is a kitchen plan for your renovation. A kitchen plan is the new layout with all the specifications of your new kitchen. You have already decided on what your new kitchen will look like – the layout, cabinets, countertops, right down to the hardware.

Once you have a kitchen plan in hand, give it to each kitchen showroom to quote on. You would get the best comparable estimates because they would be based on the same plan and specs.

What does a kitchen plan include?

A kitchen plan would include:

  • cabinet and shelving specs (solid wood, theramafoil, melamine, etc)
  • list of chosen hardware (pulls, knobs, hinges, brand name)
  • selected cabinet inserts (garbage/recycling slide outs, cutlery dividers, etc)
  • countertop material (granite, quartz, marble, concrete, butcher block, etc) and edge style.
  • lighting plan and electrical plan (if needed)
  • and so much more!

Trust me. It is worth the investment and frustration! And it is the best way to get a handle on the cost of your kitchen renovation.

Have a look at this Kitchen Plan I just completed for a client. This is the level of service and deliverables you can expect from moi. Just sayin’….

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