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Hey all…

So what is hot in kitchen design? This is what I learned in a recent seminar about the most popular features and décor in today’s kitchens. And this comes from award-winning kitchen design professionals! So…it’s expert opinion.

Kitchen Design Trend 1: Open Shelving

Whether this trend is here to stay (it is!) or not, I like it. Using open shelving (or nothing at all) in place of upper cabinetry creates visual space and opens up the kitchen. Not to mention, it is less expensive.

Kitchen Design Trend 2: Pocket Doors

For pantries, mudrooms, or even full cabinetry, pocket doors save space (clearance is minimal) and look neat (as in clean looking).

Kitchen Design Trend 3: Separate Servery

For large kitchens – and I mean, LARGE – having a kitchen behind the kitchen is big right now. Especially if you are one to entertain – it keeps the prep and mess behind the scenes. Honestly I do not know anyone with a kitchen large enough to have a servery! Do you?

Kitchen Design Trend 4: Specialized Appliances

Appliances that have specialized uses are growing. I think we are all familiar with built in coffee systems (can anyone say coffee bar?). Now there are steam ovens, speed ovens, oven/microwave combo, separate fridge ‘drawers’ and oh so more!

Kitchen Design Trend 5: Ergonomic Kitchens

Ergonomic kitchens are growing in importance, especially as we prefer to ‘age in place’. So I wouldn’t consider this a trend per se; take my word for it –  it is here to stay! From customized counter heights and using drawers instead of doors to raising the height of the dishwasher and trading the range for a cooktop and wall oven, there are a ton of things to consider to make your kitchen ergonomic for you. I might even write a separate blog on it! 

Kitchen Design Trend 6: Decor

Besides the changes in features and the functional use of kitchens, décor is evolving. Cabinetry is trending towards natural wood as well as keeping the natural colour. Either full wood cabinetry or a combination of wood and a colour (usually white), it is a refreshing change from the traditional all white kitchen. And I love it! 

Kitchen Design Trend 7: Master Bedroom

A kitchen in the bedroom? Are you kidding me? Nope. Think coffee station, cooling drawer and dishwasher drawer. Now you can make your morning coffee (and wash up) without leaving your bedroom in the morning. Nice, eh? And how about a warming drawer in the master bathroom? Warm towel, anyone? Sweet!

What do you think of these trends? Post your comments below.


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