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10 tips when renovating your bathroom…

1). Always add extra lighting – pot lights, sconces, under cabinet lighting, ceiling light. You can never have too much lighting in the bathroom.

2). Do not put a pendant light fixture over the bathtub. It looks nice and you see it all the time in magazines….but it is dangerous! And according to build code, illegal. Go with dimmable pot lights that are meant for wet environments.

3). Use existing plumbing locations if possible. It is a real hassle (and expensive) to move a shower drain! Also note: if installing a wall mounted faucet for the first time, the plumbing needs to be installed inside the wall, which means before the cabinet is installed. So plan for it!

4). Really think about your shower size. The trend now is to go big but sometimes a big shower is too big! It looks luxurious but is it practical? Think about how long it will take for the steam to heat up that baby…probably long after you have finished your shower! So it might look beautiful, but it will be a cold shower (has anyone opened the door when you are taking a shower? It will feel something like that). And the same goes for doorless showers. 

5). Splurge on that fancy tile you love by adding it in a wall design or border in your shower. One box of tile does not break the bank.

6). Speaking of tile, porcelain is best for the floor and the shower. Just make sure it is textured because you don’t want to slip on it. Secret: the expensive Italian porcelain is exactly the same as the porcelain from China. Seriously. The price difference is only due to the cost of labour. So go ahead and get the stuff from China. You will save a ton of money and be able to get some fancy tile (see no. 5). 

7). There are a lot of options for fittings –  rain showers, funky tap handles, hand showers, steamers, etc. Don’t go for the cheap stuff….midrange is fine. And a hand shower goes a long way! So don’t skimp on that!

8). Counter tops should be quartz, quartz, quartz! Never marble or granite or any kind of natural stone (in my opinion). Why? Because water naturally seeps into stone and causes mildew.  Yes, you can seal it…but you gotta keep sealing it. I’m not up for that. You?

9). In-floor heating. If you can afford it – DO IT! You will not regret it…never! Tiles are cold on the tootsies and you will definitely appreciate the warm floor. And it keeps the bathroom toasty too.

10). Cabinetry is a must in bathrooms. But instead of cupboards, consider drawers like the big ones you have in your kitchen for pots and pans. You can store a lot more stuff because the space is utilized more efficiently!

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