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Let’s cut to the chase…besides hiring me to design your kitchen (because I ROCK at kitchen design!), these are the 10 things for you to consider when renovating your kitchen.


Bring it to the ceiling. Yes, you read that right. No more cutting it off the backsplash under the upper cabinet. Bring it all the way up, up, up. It can really make a statement and it also makes the space feel larger, taller and more elegant. So bring that tile up behind your range hood and all the way above your sink (even around the windows).

Backsplash to the ceiling in kitchen
Credit: Avantela

See how the kitchen looks elegant in an understated way.

I just love this light blue tile.



With the continuing rise of universal design, drawers are becoming more popular than cabinetry. They can store a lot of pots and pans, small appliances, large bowls; and it is so much easier to access such items. 

It can be so frustrating to stack pans in a cabinet and take them all out to get the one you need, not to mention you have to get down on hands-n-knees to grab them! So forgo the cabinets and go for big-oversized drawers. You won’t regret it.

big drawers in kitchen
Credit: Open Door Cabinetry

These drawers vary in size to accommodate all sizes of pots and pans.

One last suggestion on the topic of drawers. I think this photo says it all. Ingenious use of space!

Toe kick drawer
Credit: Tomas Espinoza

What a great use of space to increase storage in a kitchen. 



Everyone should have a pantry. Yes, even you. Ideally it would be great to have a walk-in pantry or a butler’s pantry (one of those rooms “behind the kitchen” that serves as a pantry), but many of us just don’t have the space.

Credit: Unknown

I love big pantries but I just don’t have the space in my kitchen for one. On the right is a walk in pantry; to the left is the butler’s pantry where the doors are actually cabinet faces

But there are ways to incorporate a pantry into your new kitchen (or existing if you are keen to have one). Below are just a few ideas.

Credit: Richelieu

These pantry systems can be added to your current kitchen if you have a tall cabinet.

Credit: L Unknown. R Richelieu

Pantries are not just limited to full cabinets. You can use an upper or lower cabinet. I just love the pull out shelves for food and other items you want to store.

A Second Sink

Do not underestimate the power of a second sink in your kitchen. Yes, I said power! A secondary sink can be just as useful as a primary sink in that it allows two users to cook and clean simultaneously. 

The second sink is typically smaller than the main sink; and it is used during meal prep to wash vegetables, fill a pot, etc. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a sink dedicated to meal prep besides the one you wash your dirty dishes in? Just saying.

the second sink
Credit: Unknown

A linear second sink with a pull down faucet makes for easy prep work.



If I had my time back when selecting a wall oven, I would have gone with the side swing door option. Why? It makes the oven so much more accessible. A pull down door means you have to reach past the hot door to get the hot pot out of the oven. Not very safe, eh? So if you do intend to get a wall oven try one of these:

These types of wall ovens are safer options to the traditional pull down door style. 

The French door oven is a Cafe. The Side Swing door oven is a Frigidaire.

A word about dishwashers. I mentioned universal design earlier and it applies to dishwashers too. Consider raising the height of your dishwasher to make it more accessible as you “age in place”.

Credit: Miele

Raising the dishwasher 15″ – 20″ above floor level makes loading and unloading easier. In this image, I think the dishwasher is a bit too high for the average person. 



Kitchen accessories add to the functionality of your space and make storing and accessing items easier. Consider the following suggestions if you are renovating. They are well worth the investment.

Top Row (L-R): Pull out recycling/garbage centre, drawer organizers, Le Mans corner cabinet system, utensil tray.

Bottom Row (L-R): Drawer spruce rack, tip out tray, pull out cabinet storage, pull down shelf.

Beverage Station 


If you can fit a beverage station into your new kitchen design, I say go for it! It keeps guests out of the cooking and prep area and keeps all things drink-related organized. If you have space, include a bar fridge, a small sink, storage for glasses and a garbage receptacle. It can also serve as a coffee bar too.

beverage stations
Credit: L Marakech Design. R Darius Kuzmickas


Eating Area 


I have to say that I am all for eliminating the formal dining room in homes. I would rather a big kitchen with an eating area.

Considering the dining room is usually adjacent to the kitchen it makes it easy to create a larger kitchen. Consider tearing down the dividing wall to expand your kitchen to include a fabulous area where your family can have dinner and hang out while you are cooking.

Credit: Zeke Ruelas

This kitchen is fabulous with the eating area. 



I don’t know about you but I hate leaving lights on in a room that no one is in. And with the cost of electricity these days, why waste your money? 

Invest in under cabinet lighting that will pop on when you enter the room (motion sensors). This ensures everyone is safe when entering the kitchen in the middle of the night.

under cabinet lighting
Credit: LMK Design

These lights guide you through the kitchen in the wee hours of the night.

And don’t forget that all your lights should be on a dimmer! Even the under cabinet lighting!


Decorative Flooring 


I just love a splash of something special that draws peoples eyes. Decorative flooring is right up there at the top of the list. Go bold and choose a beautiful pattern for the entire floor. Or opt for an inlay of tile that delineates the main work area in your kitchen.

Credit: Unknown

Left:  Dear lord I just love the blue cabinetry and the inlay tile!

Right: The bold pattern and colour of this tile makes this otherwise neutral kitchen just pop.

A Final Word….

So there you have it. This is just the tip of the iceberg of ideas to ensure your kitchen is functional for you and your family as well as beautiful. 

If you would like professional help in designing your kitchen, I would love to help you. Read about my Kitchen Design Plan and then call me or set up a free Discovery Call.



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