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It’s all the rage right now. You see it in stores. You see it in magazines. You see it on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram….modern country farmhouse decor; and this is my opinion. Get ready…because it is a love and hate relationship!

The ‘Hate’ Part

Soooo what I don’t like is the extreme of modern country farmhouse; it makes me want to puke. Yes, puke. I said it.

All the knic-knacs, the signs, the windmills, the wreathes, ivy; and oh! all the reclaimed wood…everywhere!!! On the floor, on the walls, on table tops! And don’t get me going about shiplap; walls, ceilings, kitchen cabinets! 

country farmhouse images
Alone I love these decor items. Pile them all together and I cringe.

Dear lord, it all makes me cringe. It is over the top décor. And now the fall décor is being pulled out of boxes! Oh dear.

Where is the focal point in this style? The whole thing? Where do I look? Huh? Well I don’t like it. It is cluttered and offends my sense of design. 

too much farmhouse decor
Coffee anyone? To me, this is a cluttered mess.

I can appreciate the style, as you will read below, but the overkill is what gets me. I see it in Facebook groups, ladies proudly posting their latest creation – the entrance design (is this too much? Roxanne says “Um, yah!”), the coffee bar (Am I missing anything? Roxanne says “How about adding some negative space?”), the bedroom (Which wreath looks better above the bed? Roxanne says “I don’t care.”). I want to scream “Simplify!!! Take some of that stuff away!! Puleeeeaaase!!”. But apparently everyone loves it given the ooo’s and aaahhh’s that follow in the comments. To each their own.

The ‘Love’ Part 

BUT! Yah, there is always a ‘but’ in my blogs, eh? I do love aspects of modern country farmhouse like the cosy charm, the feeling of well-being, the light soft colours, comfortable puffy furniture, wood floors, and the odd furniture piece salvaged, reclaimed, refinished and is perfect once again! I have to say, I have had the pleasure of finding old furniture and finishing it with paint or rubbing it with oil to bring out it’s natural charm. 

Refinished hutch from the 1940's for Cerulean Design's interior decorating office in Huron County.
1940's armoire for my home office; shown here soaking up the hemp oil.

And the textures! Have you seen those huge cable knit throws and pillows? Wrought iron, wicker, and other natural materials are being brought back into the home. And love it!

large cable knit throw

Doesn’t this throw look amazing? All the texture – both visual and tactile!


I do bring this style into my home in bits and pieces, as I do other styles. I am not one to follow fads; I follow what I love. And you should too. Whether it is modern country farmhouse, or not.

I’d love to hear your opinion on modern country farmhouse. Do you love or hate it?

As always, if you need help drop me a message or join Design + Decor, my community group on Facebook, and post a question.



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