Bluewater Interiors Designs by Roxanne



Wanna to talk about a consult?

Have no idea where to start or what to do? Are you a DYI'er and need some advice? Or are you someone who wants to work with me and this is just the first step? Let me help you move in the right direction during an Online Design  Consultation.

During this 1 hour intense working meeting, I will answer all your questions, tackle your design challenges and provide ideas on design concepts.

Before our meeting, I’ve already thought a lot about your space, your needs and the challenges you face. Why? Because my onboarding process gives me a lot of information to review so I am ready for our Zoom call. An in-depth questionnaire, home photos and inspiration photos form part of your ‘homework’ once you book a consult. Yes, you have work to do too!

I will help you as much as I can during the hour we have together and we’ll have a ton of fun in the process! Trust me.

My fee is $199 + HST.  Payment is required at time of booking.

Want to book it now?