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Having your own space in this crazy world is so important right now for our sanity. And your home is the only place on earth that is truly yours. Think about that. It is the ONLY place that is YOURS.

You get to decide who enters your home and for how long. You can invite certain people for dinner, but not others.

You get to decide how your home looks and you can change it every week if you wanted to. It would be crazy to do that….but it IS your space to do with what you want. And I’ve talked about that during my Facebook lives called Design Dialogue (every Wednesday at 2pm…shameless plug there people! Follow me to watch.).

Your home reflects who you are…or who you want to be. It fits your lifestyle, no one else’s. It is functional for you and your family.

It is your sanctuary! Ever feel that relief that you are finally home? How good does that feel? It feels pretty awesome! It is so important to have your own space in this world, isn’t it?

But what about having your own space in your home? That place where you go to be by yourself – your oasis; and that if you are in that space, your family knows to leave you alone.

Unless you have kids….or a dog, like me, who follows you everywhere. All. The. Time. No privacy at all.

My Dog

This is Kaia, my 6 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, who is the biggest baby ever. I have no place in my home where I can go to be alone….because of her. But I actually don’t mind at all. 

Your Space

So let’s talk about your space within your home and how you can achieve it.

It is all about having some private, uninterrupted time away from the bustle of mundane activities. Don’t think that this time is wasted. In fact, you’ll be refreshed and inspired to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Not too many people have that extra space within their home to have just for themselves. But there are a few ways you can create it visually and provide personal space away from prying eyes, such as:

A simple screen can create a private space.
  • Curtains
  • Screens
  • Room dividers
  • Bookshelves
  • Tall plants
  • Floor mirrors
  • Patterned fabric

So what type of personal space do you need? Here are some to consider…

Snug Corner

All you need is a comfy chair (or hey, how about a hammock chair?) in a secluded corner for reading, crossword puzzles, crossstitch, or morning coffee.

Writing Nook

Whether it is journaling, writing a letter (remember when we used to do that?), or you have aspirations to become an author, create a place in your home just for writing. 

Artist Studio

Set up your easel, arrange your paints or pencils and lose yourself in creative endeavors.

Meditation Space

Choose a few simple cushions, a fuzzy rug and your fav essential oil and you are ready to enter a stress-free zone.


She Shed – YES!

It’s about time us ladies had a cozy little place to call our own. Afterall the man cave has been around for eons! A couple of items make a shed a ‘she-shed’…plants, plants, plants and a a space for your hobbies, and a comfy space to sit.  

A Final Word

What ever type of personal space you create, remember  this – your home is the only place on earth that is truly yours; and your personal space in your home is your private oasis.

Until next time my friends, stay safe.


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