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interior decorator designer Roxane Boutzis

Hey there

I wasn’t always an Interior Decorator and Designer of Spaces. In fact, I was climbing the corporate ladder for about 20 years in marketing. I loved it. I was helping professionals build their networks, sell services and create their personal brand.

And it’s like what I do now but instead I help people approaching retirement renovate their homes and lifestyle with a focus on living in place.

As a designer, I am always thinking about how you will use your space in the future. Because if you are spending a lot of money on renovating now, I want to ensure your space works for you when you are older.

Which is why I incorporate principles of universal design into my work. It’s important to me as I age, and it is important for you

My People. My Clients.

I love working with my clients. They are at a stage in their life that is so exciting! They live in a beautiful area – Ontario’s West Coast – and they love it as much as I do. Whether you visited here, moved here or grew up here, you know what I am talking about. (pic of lake huron)

Being healthy and active is top priority for you. Living in this area makes it so much easier to get out and enjoy the trails and beaches and taking the bike out for a spin along the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

A healthy lifestyle is more than just about you, it’s also about your home. I believe in this for myself too. Which is why we moved to this area and when we bought an older home, we renovated to suit our needs. And now you find yourself needing and wanting to improve your home to fit your lifestyle.

You know changes need to happen. You know what frustrates you about your home – the kitchen, the bathroom, the old flooring, paint colour. It does dampen your spirits, am I right?

When we bought our home here, I knew the kitchen was going to be a place I hated! Strong words, eh? I didn’t like the design at all and more importantly it really was not functional for my hubby and I. The master bathroom was even worse. Changes needed to happen for us to enjoy our new home – our forever home. And I think you get this.

I love helping people create a home they love. It warms my heart when my clients are so excited about their new space and how the plans I provided them with made the renovation go smoothly.

So if you are like me and Carolyn, it’s time to make those changes. After all you have worked hard and now it’s time to ensure your home and life is enjoyable in retirement.

I look forward to getting to know you,


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