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Renovation Design Plan

The Definitive Guide to Renovations

A comprehensive overview of what you need to consider when when renovating.
PLUS Bonus Content! Includes checklists to help you through your renovation and a Renovation Planner.

You know your home is not going to suit your lifestyle upon retirement. The layout certainly doesn’t encourage family time, and that’s not what you envisioned your retirement to look like.

I believe living easy in our retirement years is directly related to our homes and lifestyle. If your home supports your lifestyle, then life is certainly a lot easier.

Introducing the

Renovation Design Plan

The Design Plan itself is a series of design documents and schedules that outline every single aspect of your renovation.

For you, the value is in how I approach your project – a step by step process that brings clarity to what you want and need – from the functional use of your space to the design elements. It will naturally evolve as we move through the process.

And it will seem easy. Why?

Because you are guided by a design professional – me!

I can honestly tell you that once we begin, you will feel relieved and the excitement for your renovation will re-emerge. It did for all my clients. And it will for you too.

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I can ensure you that my Renovation Design Plan process will:

  • give you clarity to what you want and need in your renovation
  • reduce indecision on design choices
  • bring you peace of mind that you are in good hands
  • give you confidence that your new space will reflect your lifestyle
  • enable you to get comparable quotes by providing the Design Plan to each contractor bidding on your project

Imaging how powerful this would all feel?

Renovation Design Plan

What does the Renovation Design Plan include?
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