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Stop it already

Your Space is Unique 

“Just stop already! Let's focus on your space rather than on what Dan and Rhonda have that you can't have because their space is totally different. ”

I said this.

I love creating conversations between me and an imaginary client so I can really drive home a point so that you get it. 

OK, here we go…

Wife: Remember when we were at Dan and Rhonda’s place last week. The pantry was amazing. It was huge! I could twirl around in it. I would love one like that.

Hubby: Yah, that was really nice. (Turns to me) Can we incorporate that into our plan?

Me: Well, there isn’t enough room here to create a large walk in pantry. You would have to sacrifice too much space for it. It’s not feasible.

Wife (looking around their space): Really?

Me (pointing to the plan): The only place it could go is here. And that would mean you are encroaching on the space for the dinner table you want in here.  And then that further encroaches on the seating area. I expect that your friend’s space is a lot larger.

Hubby: Actually it is. And they have a separate dining room so they don’t have a table in their kitchen.

Wife: That’s true. And what about their island? They didn’t have a stove top in it. I kinda liked that.

Me: That would be nice. But with the large refrigerator and wall oven you bought, they have already taken up the available wall space. And there really is no other counter to place the stove on. So it has to go on the island. Unless you want to reconsider the wall oven…? Or move the sink to the island.

Hubby: Oh no! We definitely want the wall oven. 

Wife: And the sink stays under the window.

Me: Alright then….

Dan and Rhonda’s kitchen kept coming up in the conversation. The things they admired about their friend’s kitchen just didn’t work in the space they had available. I felt so bad explaining why it wasn’t possible. I could see the disappointment on their faces.

I had to say something.

“Listen guys, Dan and Rhonda’s kitchen may have a lot of things you really like about it, but they won’t work in this space. I’m gonna ask you to focus on your space and find the best the solution for your needs. Your space is unique. Your needs are too. So let’s focus on what you can have instead of what Dan and Rhonda have that you can’t have. OK?”

This whole idea of trying to design your own space based on your friends’ design only leads to confusion and disappointment.

Your space is different from theirs.

Your needs are different from theirs.

Their style is different than yours.

Focus on your project, how you use the space, and how best to lay it out using the space you have available. Focus on what you CAN have in your space and what suits you best.

The end result will be a new space designed specifically for you. 

And you are sure to love it so much more than Dan and Rhonda’s.

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A Final Word

 If you are renovating your home and need help, check out my Renovation Design Plan service. The best thing about this service is it is tailored to YOUR needs. 

Set up a 20 minute chat with me to see if it is the right fit for you.

Until next time, stay safe…


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